Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring into Summer

I don't know, but it seems like we may just skip right past spring and go straight to summer weather here in sunny southern California.

On Sunday it was in the 90's at home so a drive to the beach was in order. We set off for Malibu were it was in the high 80's. Of course I took some knitting with me for the drive through Malibu Canyon - some Habu for a mini spring shawl. Started and ripped it out though since my needles were too big for the project.

As expected, we hit traffic on Pacific Coast Hwy. and our favorite seaside fish stand was jam packed (Malibu Seafood). Since the line at Malibu Seafood was so long we decided to first stop off at the beach to let our son play a little. We didn't think to bring bathing suits so he had to just play on the shore. Still, it was fun. There was a school of dolphins swimming back and forth in front of the beach area we were at and even a seal swimming close to the shore near people in the surf (couldn't get a picture of the seal though).

After the beach we took a little hike on one of the trails near the highway then enjoyed fish and chips at the fish stand. It was a great day.

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