Monday, March 5, 2007

Knitters Anonymous

This is the funniest thing I've read about knitting since I first read Yarn Harlot's At Knit's End. Here's the quiz from the Knitters Anonymous website (not to be confused with Cookie A.'s blog). Visit the site and laugh!

Are you "hooked"? Take this quiz and see

Have you ever:

  • decided to kick the habit only to "fall off the yarn wagon"?
  • knit alone or first thing in the morning?
  • gone on a knitting binge?
  • had a craving for just a little yarn fix?
  • been a pusher, turning others on, even minors, to this habit?
  • experienced blackouts..finding yarn in your stash you swear you never bought?

Are you:

  • an adult child of a knitter?
  • living in denial...
    telling yourself you actually save money by knitting clothes and gifts?
    believing you can save on therapy bills by knitting?
  • certain that you can quit any time you want?
  • calling yourself a social or recreational knitter?
  • Has your cat ever gotten "messed up" after getting into your stash again?
  • Is your definition of a "needle exchange" different than that of non-knitters?

If you can answer yes to...

  • 10 or more questions - you may be a knitaholic
  • 8-9 questions - you may be a compulsive overknitter
  • 6-7 questions - you may be a yarn junkie
  • 4-5 questions - you may be a chronic social knitter
  • 0-3 questions - you are living in denial or you're at the wrong web site!
And here's a picture of my beautiful Counterpane Bag (Handknit Holidays) I made from 3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden.

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Kadiddly said...

Nice survey. I'll just keep quiet about how well I scored. (A high score is good, right? ;) )

The bag is beautiful! Congrats on a job well done!