Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Post

So, we're all gearing up for Tamale Day. The official family Tamale Day usually happens just once a year, but sometimes turns into more. Like every family, we think ours are the best. Pictures to follow.

Since I like to try out different ingredients I think I'll actually have tamale day more often now.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Teri! Good luck blogging. I love both knitting AND tamales!

You asked where I found the pattern for my reindeer hand puppet, it was in this book: https://secure.www.crafterschoice.com/doc/browse/detail/product_detail.jhtml?repositoryId=097134B107

The Ultimate Christmas from Readers Digest. I was too lazy to actually copy and enlarge the pattern so I kind of just did it free hand and then added things. I was surprised at how cute it turned out.