Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not all sheep are safe to be sheered

No knitting content in this one...

Just thought I'd share this .... there's this new Sci/Fi Fantasy movie from New Zealand that just opened called "Black Sheep". Here's the synopsis taken from

Terrified of sheep and dosed up on therapy, Henry Oldfield returns to his family''s farm to sell out to his older brother Angus, unaware that something baaaad is going on: Angus'' reckless genetic engineering program. When a pair of inept environmental activists release a mutant lamb from Angus'' laboratory onto the farm, thousands of sheep are turned into bloodthirsty predators. Along with farmhand Tucker and the ''green''-minded young woman, Experience, Henry finds himself stranded deep on the farm as his worst nightmare comes to life. Battling their way to safety the intrepid trio discover there''s worse to come: one bite from an infected sheep seems to have alarming effect on those bitten. With Angus acting suspiciously sheepish, a delegation of international investors gathering at the homestead and a ravenous flock descending from the hills, Henry must find the farmer within to wrest control of the farm from his monstrous brother, defeat an ovine invasion and save New Zealand''s greener pastures.

I don't usually like blood and gore movies, but this just sounds funny and overthetop to me.

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